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New York Times Feature

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A beloved project we started last fall was published this morning in The New York Times. It will also be featured in the printed Real Estate section on Sunday, September 10th. It touches on downsizing, grief and creating a healing environment after unexpected loss. Working with Stephanie on this created a trust between us that I am forever grateful for.

On instagram we posted a behind the scenes reel, as well as a post sharing this sentiment:

After we shot this project in April, I ran into Stephanie on the street and she looked at me thoughtfully and asked how I was doing. She listened and replied lovingly and honestly, with a reassurance I would be ok.

Nicole has answered the phone when I have been in tears and when I have been laughing from something I needed to tell her immediately. She is the person I leave voice notes to when I have a funny story or just want to hear myself talk. We have lived lifetimes together and seen each other through it all.

I feel lucky to be part of this triangle of support and to have also given to both Stephanie and Nicole the best parts of myself when they were in need. A home for healing and an unconditional friend. I really think that’s the point of life. Being there for each other when we need it most and sharing all the support we can give when we are strong enough. Life has shown me it is precarious and short.. there are moments that slam life into perspective. Tell people you love them. Show them. Value them.

Thank you @nicolebaas, Tim @nytimes .. and my dear @stephdcarter for trusting me for many years and various iterations of life. Thank you to all of my incredible clients. This business has grown into the vision I had only imagined.

Here is a sampling of photos and link to full gallery here.


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