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BVD at Nashville Design Week

Next week, on October 31st at The Soho House Nashville, Barbara Vail will be speaking at Nashville Design Week on the topic of Design For The Life Cycle.

This lecture/panel style discussion will touch on design projects that were created during different life stages with sensitivity and collaboration - from new beginnings after loss and life's unexpected events to creating homes that reflect back who we aspire to be.

A Nashville Airbnb project will be highlighted and emphasized this idea of aspiration through design, while also taking into account the local community and economical circumstances (here are some of the progress pictures from the project). For client, Julie Sellers of Ellevated Outcomes, Barbara Vail worked with New Hat artist, Elizabeth Williams, to create a wallcovering that encapsulated Julie's relationship to her past and future space. Elizabeth and Julie will also be speaking on how design can dive deeper into the clients' history, memories and connection to their current and potential future life stages.

Tickets can be found here


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