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The HOME package is for those going through a life transition.

For those changing their living situations, whether planned or unplanned, and are in need of design support around a difficult break up, move, life change and anything in between.
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• A detailed design summary and floor plan (expedited if needed), inclusive of pieces that fit in your timeline, as well as special items that may need more time.

• Review of your current inventory and how to incorporate pieces you would like to take with you.

• Ordering, project management and install by our team. All furniture items will be delivered to a receiving warehouse and delivered in 1-2 installments. Designer will spend at least one day styling and working with you to create a space that feels warm, welcoming and healing.

• A simple and direct approach that aims to create a space that feels like YOU. 


• If needed, connection to vetted support systems outside of our expertise (realtor referrals, therapists, wellness providers, etc.)

Let’s Work Together

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