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Benefits of Custom Upholstery

Updated: May 18, 2023

Custom upholstery is an excellent way to add personality and style to your home decor. It is the perfect way to create a unique look that reflects your taste and aesthetic. Here are some of the many benefits of custom upholstery in interior design:

1. Gives you the freedom to choose the fabric you want.

You can pick any color, pattern, or texture that fits your style and vision. This means you can achieve a cohesive look in your home decor with custom upholstery that matches your existing furniture and decor. This is apparent both in the drapery, roman shades and bench cushion in our project below, all fabrics were hand selected and made by our local workrooms. More details on further custom details of the home here.

Nicole Baas Photography

2. Provides comfort and durability.

With custom upholstery, you can select the right density and quality of foam or batting that suits your needs and preferences. This ensures that your furniture is comfortable and durable, especially in a dining room, as seen below:

Nicole Baas Photography

3. Allows you to create unique designs.

You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs to create a unique piece of furniture that reflects your personality. For example, the fabric shown in the progress photo below was specifically chosen for a coastal designed project because of the story behind it:

This design started when Rebecca experimented with marbling papers using India ink in the suminagashi technique. The irregular marbled designs reference coastal and geological elements. Hand-dyed yarns add texture that alludes to the ever-shifting landscape of the coast.

4. An eco-friendly option.

Custom upholstery allows you to choose sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, or linen, which have a lower impact on the environment than synthetic fabrics. Secondly, custom upholstery helps to reduce waste by allowing you to reuse and repurpose old furniture instead of buying new ones. This means that fewer resources are used to produce new furniture, reducing the carbon footprint of your home decor. In our Florida project below, we reused a pair of swivel chairs that were in the family for years! They are now modernized and covered in durable fabric to last for decades to come - scroll down to see the before :)


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