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Barbara Vail

Growing up with an auctioneer for a father taught me that everything has a story. Vintage pieces hold a special history – how they were crafted, who they belonged to, and how they passed into new hands.


My interior design philosophy has grown out of my own evolving story. Combining a science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with one in Residential Interiors at Boston Architectural College sharpened my belief in the power of spaces to enhance our wellness. As I create or redesign spaces, I am attentive to the impact environments have on the mindset, health, and path forward of their residents.


For me, a holistic design process is deeply connected to the life goals of the client: incorporating artful reminders of home during a tough transition, rich and warm textures for a calming haven, or functional additions to an expanding family. My passion for vintage sourcing and throwing pottery also allows me to introduce unique, soulful pieces to my spaces.


With clients in the greater Boston area, Philadelphia, New York and beyond, I am grateful to connect with so many people’s various stories and help their homes become a place for reflection, healing, and beauty, while also valuing clarity, structure and a simplified design implementation.

Barbara has been featured on The History Channel's American Pickers and is the instructor/creator of the Sourcing Vintage Items course at Temple University. She also spoke on Empathic Design at the Architecture Boston Conference in 2019, details hereand is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

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