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"Home is Where One Starts From..."

At this point, you've likely gotten countless messages in your inbox - from your workout studio, your bank, a hotel you stayed at 7 years ago and forgot about - all describing to you the steps they have taken to create social distance and go virtual. Everyone's talking about this global pandemic and what we can do about it. As a small business owner, I feel the pressure and the urgency to react and to communicate to my community. I feel the pressure to push virtual offerings, but also the need to acknowledge the overwhelm of what is happening. It's truly an unprecedented time, and when you are confused and there isn't a clear answer, it's easy to fall into the anxious patterns around you.

What has this global realization of interconnected-ness, mutual responsibility, and physical separation shown us? For me, I've been reflecting on the central thesis of all my design work - how it all started. I am someone who thinks about wellness, centering with peace, and then letting that well-being permeate into your space. This kind of conscious living is beautiful and allows me to live one day at a time mindfully; but, it also highlights how unpredictable life can be. As much as we focus on our goals, sometimes life transitions force their way in. This year was full of transitions for me; I thought about moving West, but ultimately decided to stay in Boston for a while. Maybe a change will still happen, but things are currently floating in that nervous, opaque, and somewhat lovely space of the unknown. Living one day at time mindfully and peacefully reminds me to pause in moments like these.

Transitions has also been a theme for a lot of my 2020 projects, as most have been centered around client moves. We are just finishing construction on a couple homes this week and are crossing our fingers the clients can move in before things get worse.

It's amazing how important your home is to this well-being. Home is what you return to every day, and for many now, it's their environment day in and day out. I am grateful to have received various messages from clients saying how happy they are to have a warm, safe-haven in their newly designed space.

I know the next few months are on hold in many ways and buying furniture is not high on the priority list. But a goal for Barbara Vail Design in 2020 is to incorporate more vintage items, bringing in the heart, soul, and WHY of this company. (Check out this project that really showcased one client's vintage collector tastes).

I applaud all of those that have jumped right into this challenging time. I am looking forward to utilizing online video software, which will be great for providing feedback for new client proposals, giving presentations, and general meetings. Yes, we will be more virtual, but for now, let's take the time to really center and figure out what home looks like for each of us. To remember what matters to you, what story you want to write for yourself, and how to make your home a haven for your body and mind.

Now, more than ever, we will be starting our days at home and realizing how much our spaces truly matter.




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