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Brimfield Recap

Last week I traveled west of Boston to the Brimfield antique show. It is an overwhelming, yet magical, place with miles of everything you can imagine.

Growing up, I went to all three shows each year with my family who set up as dealers. It was my normal and I never thought about how lucky I was to experience this world renowned antique show on a regular basis. I love running into familiar faces that remember my sister and I having a lemonade stand or scurrying around from booth to booth exploring. Below Elizabeth and I were featured in the local newspaper...age 5! And my dad and I couple years ago.

Flash forward 25 years and my father is still selling and wearing a shirt he had in college that he just found (it's actually really hip, right?).

I found this year's market to be particularly inspiring and full of interesting pieces. I love that Asian decor is trending - The vertical image seen below is a silk tapestry that I adored and these gold framed panels were so tall and would make an amazing statement in a space that needed larger scale artwork.

Was so close to purchasing this pair of bonsai tree wood block close. Apparently they came out of an estate in Manchester by the Sea. This Persian bowl was marked 14th century and was a billion dollars -_-

Designer George Nelson collected kokeshi dolls and these were believed to be part of his collection.

I have a vintage Barcelona chair and people are always asking where to find them. HERE! This pair was only $950 and the frames were in great condition. Reupholstered cushions and they would be like new.

Missed out on an amazing 8x10 Turkish rug from this pile. My trick for buying rugs is to seek out the dealers that don't specialize in them, as they are usually trying to get rid of them.

An otomi-esque side chair with brass bamboo handle and so many great books.

My favorite of all... benches upholstered in Turkish rugs. You will be seeing these in upcoming projects of mine I hope!

I encourage anyone who is interested in seeing what it is all about to make the trip in July or September. Feel free to email me with any questions or for any tips on what shows to visit. I know I have shared this picture a ton, but I feel like it represents my spirit and the heart of this business.

And to really blow your mind.. here is me holding Elizabeth's (above in the pajamas) baby at Brimfield last week.


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