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Brimfield: May 2018

A couple weeks ago I traveled to Brimfield antique show for the first of their three shows each year. I think May and September are my favorite ones, as July can be super hot. As an interior designer in Boston, it is such a treat to have this just an hour away. I didn't take nearly as many photos as I should have, but wanted to share a few of the great pieces I found. I actually only stuck to May's Market which is the field my family has sold at for many years (more on that here!).

My favorite find was definitely this Arthur Court style table for Drexel furniture. I love the ethereal whimsy and that it is a natural form totally covered in gold. He is know for infusing nature into elegant forms.

I also found a fabulous modern lamp by Lisa Johansson Pape lamp from the same dealer - that Otto really enjoys as well.

I just love the juxtaposition of these quirky, colorful objects against the field landscape. And of course, I am always on the hunt for rugs, though I didn't come home with any this time. I think because I have found a couple of awesome Etsy dealers that I have been sourcing from lately.

This midcentury Jean Caron painting was a gem I missed out on - it reminds me a bit of Margaret Keane's big eyed pieces. My favorite though was this ceramic lamp by Belgian designer Boch Freres... was too much $$$ though :(

One of the main reasons I go to Brimfield is to connect to dealers that I might want to purchase from at a later date. This was a perfect example of making an amazing connection - the dealer was located out of Natick, so just outside of Boston. I wanted this table for a client in Brookline and we ended up exchanging info and I called to purchase a few days later. And it was delivered today and looks amazing!

Or I guess I should say THE main reason I went was to visit this guy who is always repping his Boston shirts wherever he goes (my sister lives in JP). I believe right before I took this I said, "let's try not to be awkward"....

So this is just a super quick post on my trip out there... will take more pics next time!


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