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New Offering: Design Meets Coaching

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Change is here for all of us, and it is hard. This is the moment to allow yourself to learn about your needs and to reshape your own narrative. We, at Barbara Vail Design and Sarah Hosein Coaching can help you clarify that first step and open yourself up to your future with our upcoming collaboration.

The intersections of design and leadership coaching lie in helping clients recognize the control they have in their own transitions.

We are combining efforts now in what we believe is a valuable service for so many people. Barbara Vail Design was created with the mission to unite interior design with wellness.

Some of life’s biggest transitions center around moving spaces, and the company’s mission is to allow clients to embrace their own stories through their homes.

Sarah Hosein Coaching is a personalized leadership coaching service that aims to help those who feel they have veered away from themselves find their individual missions. We crossed paths in our own times of transitions, seeking out services that would guide us - an apartment redesign for Sarah and a bad break-up for Barbara that led to hiring a business coach during a time of emotional and financial duress. The photo below is Barbara introducing Sarah to the world of estate sales in Boston's Beacon Hill, reiterating the importance of finding unique, meaningful pieces along your own journey.

Leadership coaching and interior design ask the question: what is beautiful to you?

Much of design and conventional career advice can feel prescribed. If you do not fall into line and march ahead in the path towards “success,” you will inevitably fall behind. Social media latches onto insecurities and uncertainties by touting things that are “must buy” and “must do” to get back on the ever moving path, a breathless race that masks the ability to have gratitude for where we are and create a self-made vision for who we want to be. Anoushka Khandwala calls for a “Decolonization of Design,” reminding us that taste that prescribes what is “good” ignores various narratives, and that “shattering the familiar” starts with listening to what clients and individuals really want and see [source].

The intersections of design with leadership coaching allow clients to commit to the idea that they are their own sources of inspiration in designing the life and space they desire

Embrace Your Transitions with Us

We can help you learn to recognize your own styles and let them guide you. Personal preferences can largely be dictated by the society you grew up in, and learning to parse out influences and goals can help you discover what is valuable to you. Professor and author Laura Huang says that by taking other people’s expectations and definitions of success, you inevitably hold yourself back; instead, the focus should be on highlighting what makes you you and showing other people those qualities [source].

This month we are piloting our joint endeavor to help you find your best home and self.

As a starting point, we are offering an accessible rate of $250 for a 45 minute virtual call

with both of us.

Next Steps

Reach out here if you are going through a transition of your own and start your journey to find a better home and career that feels truly you. Since this is a new offering, we would ask that you be comfortable with us sharing bits of the process on social media.

Through our work, we have seen so many people and their various journeys with and through change, letting it work for them as a way to constantly consider the power and possibility they have in their own lives.

"Change, I’m learning, is inevitable. Like hiccups or rain, it comes out of nowhere. It’s part of being alive. And the more I can get used to change and the pain that comes with it, the less I learn not to panic when it arrives."

- Lauren Martin, Words of Women

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