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Art That Gives Back

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Whether that means finding gifts for others or for yourself, consider ways that you can give back to your community. In the world of interior decor and art, there are several companies and local artists doing amazing work that benefits society, the art industry, and our communities. This week, we've rounded some of our favorite pieces and selected accompanying fabrics for some interior inspiration.

Society: ArtLifting

Artlifting aims to empower homeless artists by showcasing and selling their artwork, providing them with validation, visibility, and income. We picked Stacey Williams' piece for its retro feel and striking colors. Williams is a self-taught portrait artist and currently resides in a local Boston shelter. To match is a fun fabric from kravet.

Artlifting, Art that Gives Back, Barbara Vail Design

Industry: Uprise Art

Uprise Art was started after its founder saw the lack of an online art selling community. To combat elite auctions and impersonal galleries, Uprise brings art directly to you via its clean online service. Uprise is changing the art industry and illuminating new and exciting contemporary artists. We loved Zoe Pawlak's serene painting and her work commenting on climate change and the natural environment. For our fabric, we chose a beautiful linen from Schumacher with matching brushstrokes, which comes in both coral and blue.

Zoe Pawlak, Art that Gives Back, Barbara Vail Design

Community: Local Artist, Nedret Andre

Nedret Andre is a SOWA artist working in South End, Boston. Her work is inspired by environmental aspects like marine biology, ecology, and restoration. We think it is incredibly important to support not only art, but local artists. What better way to do that then to bring Andre's stunning work into your home, along with this luxurious velvet fabric from Romo.

Nedret Andre, Art that Gives Back, Barbara Vail Design

Each of these art selections is a beautiful way to support your communities and the art industry. And, tying them into your home can be as easy as finding the perfect textile and fabric for your spaces. We encourage you to learn more about these artists and companies, as well as explore all the decorative inspiration they have to offer.

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